Iron and Steel Industry

  • Bucked expedition

    Bucket scrap

    Bucket for feeding of scrap iron to furnaces of steel coalition

  • Straightening full mounting


    Straightenings to the instalation in a Line of Casting continuous

  • Vat of furnace part upper

    Vat of furnace

    Building and complete installation from Cuba for fused of Steel, inferior part and superior in phase of construction in our facilities

  • Box of cooling

    Box of cooling

    Box in order to cool wire built in stainless steel

  • Detail of wheel

    Carriage of ladle

    Transport carriage of ladle in maneuver of repair and change of the same

  • Expedition of rotation turret

    Rotation turret

    Rotation turret taker of samples in furnace of coalition of steel

  • Sector Curved Fixed Assembly

    Sector Curved Fixed

    Bodies refrigerated with their corresponding rollers for guide of the steel bar installed in a line of Straining Continuous

  • Vat

    Transport Vessel

    Vessel for aluminum fused and transport in hot on truck

  • Vat of tempering

    Vat of tempering

    Vat of tempering in stainless steel with roller of sliding

  • Bell refrigerated

    Bell of steam

    Bell refrigerated built in refractory steel

  • Container of vacuum

    Container of vacuum

    Container to do the vacuum of the vessel

  • Lower part

    Convertible cone

    Convertible cone

  • Conveyor


    Mobile cars for air transport of reels of strip

  • Stage of mounting


    Fixed cars hung on metallic structure for the transport of reels of strip

  • Lateral Dummy Bar

    Dummy Bar

    Support with installation of Dummy Bar in order to cover and guide to the bar in hot in an installation of straining continuous

  • Arm guiaded

    Mobile car of Troughs

    Mobile car for the transfer and placing of Troughs on her line of straining continuous

  • Sector Curved Mobile

    Sector curved fixed continuous casting

    Sector curved located low ingot of line continuous casting

  • Turner


    Turner of bar

  • Turner


    Turner of laminate reels in cold

  • Vault refrigerated

    Vault refrigerated

    Vault refrigerated of furnace for vat of coalition of steel

  • Front vessel


    Vessel receiver of the broth of coalition coming from furnace

  • Arm refrigerated

    Arm refrigerated

    Arm in order to facilitate the turn of vault ‘s cover

  • Column of elevation

    Column of elevation

    System of elevation of bovine of wire

  • EBT device

    EBT Device

    Device for closing of entrance in vat of coalition of steel

  • Sector curved mobile

    Sector curved mobile

    Sector curved mobile with frame and rollers refrigerated and mounted on line of straining continuous

  • Sustenance arm

    Sustenance arm

    Arm in order to execute the turn of vault‘s cover

  • Cooling bells

    Cooling bells

    Bells to the acceleration of cooling in Furnace of annealed steel bovines

  • Guide refrigerated

    Guide refrigerated

    Guide refrigerated with rollers for bar

  • Pound machine

    Pound machine

    Rodete supports of hammers, built in steel anti wear to pound of scrap

  • Transporter of scrap

    Transporter of scrap

    Part of line of frames for the transport of scrap

  • Turner


    Machine equipped with pneumatic cylinders in order to turn the Conveyor

  • Conic injector

    Vacuum pump

    System of suction in order to make casting in vacuum

  • Carriage carryvessel

    Carriage carryvessel

    Carriage to transport of vessel into the steel factory

  • Cover of vat

    Cover of vat

    Reserve of cover to install in vat of coalition of the steel

  • Tundish

    Tundish Casting

    Discharge for continuous casting

  • Walking beam expedition

    Walking beam

    System of transport of bovine by means of galloping beams

  • Way of rollers

    Way of rollers

    Way of rollers to steel industry

  • Transfer


    Machine elevator of bar

  • Vassel

    Vessel recipient

    Recipient for tuning of steel

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