Principal industrial bay of 4.500 m2.
Industrial bay of 1000 m2 of sandblast and painting of pieces.
Ground without covering 5.500 m2.
1 Overhead travelling crane of 12,5 tns.
1 Overhead travelling crane of 15/5 tns. JASO.
4 Overhead travelling crane of 25/5 tns. JASO.
1 Overhead travelling crane of 16 tns.
1 Oxycutting SEO de 20x20.
1 Oxycutting SEO con célula automática.
1 Driven plasma cutter stainless steel, to sheet of 30 mm.
1 Shears BRG x 3000.
1 Saw band FORTE.
1 Saw UNIZ.
1 Cylinder bend GOYAR to sheet of 10x2000 mm.
1 Cylinder bend ASTOLA to sheet of 50x2500 mm.
1 Bend-machine PROMECAN of 300 tns.x4 mm.
4 Wheeler positioner tilt angleSEO.
12 Machine of welding SEO.
5 Machine of welding SAF.
8 Machine of welding TIG/MIG A.E.M.
1 Machine of welding of arc welder ESAB/LAD.
1 Viewer of radiography ARTETXE.
1 Hand drill radial SOLARUCE r =2000.
1 Hand drillSANSON.
1 Bench Lathe GEMINIS GE. 2000.
1 Bench Lathe GEMINIS GE. 3000.
1 Milling machine Lagún
1 Boring machine JUARISTI long arm 110, table turning.
1 Pump of press COBER.
1 Hidraulic press FANJUL 300 tns.
1 Punching machine GEKA (which make holes of Ø58 mm. to sheet of 4 mm., and of Ø20 mm. to sheet of 10 mm.)
1 Durometer .
12 conveyor rollers of traction.
1 Tilt of weight.

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